Style 180: The Boyfriend Trend

Your boyfriend’s closet has had its 15 minutes… now it’s time to get some of your own stuff.

For a few seasons now, trend reports have encouraged “boyfriend” pieces in the form of jeans, shirts, watches and other incredibly comfortable items. At first it was an adorable ode to the boys we adore. But at some point we lost sight of this goal and became addicted to the allure of loose fitting clothing and it’s uncanny ability to hide our Sunday brunch.

Let this serve as our long-awaited wakeup call. Return the ginormous watch your boyfriend gave you when you started going steady and embrace the femininity that made him fall for you in the first place with mini watches and dainty jewelry.

Dainty Gold Jewelry


Apart from Kanye’s leather jogging pants, designers aren’t making unflattering, baggy leather pieces for a reason. This fall, tap into your inner vixen and jump on the leather bandwagon. There’s no reason to spend your annual paycheck on a pair of pants, so get the same eye-catching effect with these leather-coated jeans:

Leather Coated Jeans

If you can’t possibly part with the comfort of loose fitting clothing, take advantage of this season’s comfy crush: the cowl neck sweater. Chunky knits should be a staple in your fall wardrobe, but avoid looking like a member of a Scandinavian fishing village by pairing your cozy sweater with striking skinny jeans and statement boots.

Cowl Neck Sweater