Summer Entertaining

It’s summer! And if it ever stops raining in New York… we will be wanting to spend as much time outside as possible.

summer in new york

Inevitably that includes summer meals and al fresco dinners with our friends! Unfortunately for city dwellers, finding an outdoor space large enough to host a dinner or BBQ is nearly impossible, but if you have the ability to bring your group outdoors, here are some tips for summer entertaining.

Style Me Pretty's beautifully photographed brunch.

Style Me Pretty’s beautifully photographed brunch.


Thursday or pre-Friday?

Good afternoon!

My afternoon pick-me-up courtesy of Amish Markets.

My afternoon pick-me-up courtesy of Amish Markets.

Well it’s Thursday… but who are we kidding, summer Thursdays have turned into pre-Fridays with everyone pretty much checked out in preparation for the weekend!

I’ve learned that New York City and the people that live there are unlike the rest of the country for many reasons. Their unrealistic need to have oysters available at all hours of the night [really? who needs access to a raw bar at 3am?], their inability to do anything slowly at a normal pace, and a severe, city-wide diagnosis of FOMO.


Luckily the city feeds it’s insatiable masses with a wide array of non-stop activities with lists curated and distributed by websites like Urban Daddy and Thrillist on a regular basis. Check out this week’s Thrillist Weekend Playbook for NYC.

Needless to say I’m most looking forward to the Belmont Stakes this Saturday [weather permitting… white & seersucker + torrential downpour = no bueno, unless you are creepy like Gene Wilder].

As always, public activities are just an excuse for fashion, so find my Triple Crown outfit options here!