Summer Entertaining

Style Me Pretty's Fabulously style brunch

Style Me Pretty’s Fabulously styled brunch

There are few things I love more than purchasing entertaining and serving items. I bought a glass beverage server like the one below to hold a large batch of margaritas for a Mexican-themed birthday party and now every time either or I or my neighbors host an event we dig it out and pour in our poison of choice.

Serving platters are seriously magical in the sense that they can automatically transform your delicious, but otherwise mediocre-looking finger foods into stylish masterpieces.


Blue Dot Platter, White Dot Platter & Glass Cake Stand:

Specialty cocktails are one of the easiest ways to turn your ordinary get together into a Pinterest-worthy fiesta.

berry bellini

Strawberry Bellinis:

Step 1. Combine 1/3 cup strawberry puree & 2 tsp. simple syrup. Mix well.

Step 2. Pour pureed strawberry mixture into the bottom of a champagne glass.

Step 3. Slowly add sparkling wine, and stir.

*There really is nothing special to this recipe at all… so make it so cute and “unique” your friends will start using a custom hashtag in your honor by using these adorable straws from…


Entertaining in Style

No matter how well we plan or how great a multitasker we are, whenever we plan a dinner or brunch for our friends we will ALWAYS be running late. Literally, this will always happen.

So when planning your outfit for the occasion keep in mind that when people start showing up you will DEFINITELY be still cooking or setting up and therefore running around pretending like you don’t need any help [even when you really do because for whatever reason, the dish you’ve literally made 385,687 times before just isn’t doing what it normally does!].

Here is an outfit that looks polished but not like you tried all that hard… kind of like the rest of the meal.

outfit 1

Joie Striped Blouse:

Joe’s Skinny Ankle Jean:

Tory Burch Pacey Patent Leather Ballet flats:

What’s your favorite part about summer entertaining?


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