One of the trends being thrown around like a hot potato this spring/summer is monochrome. While the definition of monochrome is pretty black and white [pun totally intended], actually wearing pieces on opposing sides of the grey scale can be super modern without having to actually try that hard.


Dorothy Perkins / Prabal Gurung , $905 / Giorgio Armani , $2,455 / Rag & Bone rock and roll jeans / Yves Saint Laurent white pumps / Zara shoes
Keep your outfit simple with a majority of either black or white and class it up with a pair of YSL ankle strap pumps. I love dressing up silky shorts for going out with a pair of heels and this pair by Prabal Gurung is so beautiful it’s borderline insulting.
Get this look [for less]:
image 1
Adorable Alice and Olivia Shorts + Wyatt black and white Blouse + Montilla Shoes from Piperlime.

Thursday or pre-Friday?

Good afternoon!

My afternoon pick-me-up courtesy of Amish Markets.

My afternoon pick-me-up courtesy of Amish Markets.

Well it’s Thursday… but who are we kidding, summer Thursdays have turned into pre-Fridays with everyone pretty much checked out in preparation for the weekend!

I’ve learned that New York City and the people that live there are unlike the rest of the country for many reasons. Their unrealistic need to have oysters available at all hours of the night [really? who needs access to a raw bar at 3am?], their inability to do anything slowly at a normal pace, and a severe, city-wide diagnosis of FOMO.


Luckily the city feeds it’s insatiable masses with a wide array of non-stop activities with lists curated and distributed by websites like Urban Daddy and Thrillist on a regular basis. Check out this week’s Thrillist Weekend Playbook for NYC.

Needless to say I’m most looking forward to the Belmont Stakes this Saturday [weather permitting… white & seersucker + torrential downpour = no bueno, unless you are creepy like Gene Wilder].

As always, public activities are just an excuse for fashion, so find my Triple Crown outfit options here!

Opposites Attract

Sometimes, opposites do not attract. Think oil and vinegar. Democrats and Republicans. Extroverts and introverts

Lucky for us, this optimistic cliche applies when it comes to mixing otherwise unrelated prints and textures! Let’s call it…

Fashion Fusion

Find some fun ways to play up your feminine and edgy sides at the same time here!

Can You Hear the Bells…

Spring is here with Summer hot on its tails and along with promises of beautiful weather and sundresses comes wedding season!


It’s impossible to ignore the endlessly scrolling pages of Pinterest images depicting every single girl’s dream wedding. People are obsessed… and I’m not sure why. I won’t pretend that I don’t have a page of my own (but it may or may not be set to “private” so I don’t totally freak my boyfriend out).

Regardless, there are a myriad of emotions that revolve around wedding season. For those that are blessed (or stressed) enough to be throwing their own, attending one, or are just utterly enthralled with the institution of marriage, here are some ideas on wedding fashion…

Points of Passion: Inspiration Friday

This inaugural Inspiration Friday happens to fall on one of the most anticipated weekends of the year. I’m kicking off Memorial Day Weekend with a half-day at work and well-deserved margaritas with co-workers. Here are a few charming links and intriguing photos to get you ready for this glorious, unofficial start to summer…

A bouquet of my favorite flowers [Stargazer Lilies] from my boyfriend to signify the beginning of my birthday week

A bouquet of my favorite flowers [Stargazer Lilies] from my boyfriend to signify the beginning of my birthday week

Living in New York during the summer, it seems as though as the week creeps closer to Friday, less and less peoplecommute to work. By the end of the week you would think that about half of the 1.6 million people that live in Manhattan have vanished… or simply relocated to the blissfully picturesque scene of Americana that is the Hamptons.

A friend of mine was recently lucky enough to visit a family members house before it became occupied for the summer. This was her view from the back porch…


Not bad.

This weekend I plan to imagine I am sunbathing on those gloriously manicured beaches by indulging in some Hamptons-inspired fashion and cuisine.

I feel like I haven’t worn a bikini in forever.. but when I do, it will definitely be one of these.

Dolce & Gabanna swim Lisa Marie Fernandez Poppy Baneau BikiniNorma Kamali

Unfortunately this weekend will still be a bit brisk in NYC [so much for the official kick-off of Summer] – so I’ll be forgoing the bikini for something a bit more accommodating  Not to mention I happen to be extremely partial to the yellow and grey look this spring…

Riley Keough in lace and yellow Band of Outsiders yellow shorts Milly white lace top Alice and Olivia embellished top

Riley Keough in lace and yellow | Band of Outsiders yellow shorts | Milly white lace top | Alice and Olivia embellished top

Check out more yellow + grey combinations here!


This photo is from my trip to Europe with my roommate after college graduation in May 2012. We climbed to the top of Monte Solaro in Anacapri, Italy and had the most incredible and rewarding view of the island.

This photo is from my trip to Europe with my roommate after college graduation in May 2012. We climbed to the top of Monte Solaro in Anacapri, Italy and had the most incredible and rewarding view of the island.

Somehow you’ve stumbled onto this page and thanks to the uncommitted and selective nature of the internet, you are more than welcome to leave at any time if this site does not suit your interests.

My basic reasoning for beginning this online journal [to be honest, I hate the word blog, and yes I am aware of the irony that is my url] is that I love to write and for whatever reason I’ve yet to find a way to incorporate this passion into my career.

Let me be clear that I am completely and totally opposed to sharing my opinions, however valid they may or may not be, for the sake of hearing myself speak […or type]. One of my biggest pet peeves is when social media is used for nothing but the sake of filling cyberspace with useless digital crap. I believe Twitter and Facebook can and should be used for incredible good [for example, I’ve discovered many things on Twitter from horrific school shootings to unbelievable flash sales], but by no means do I need to know every time you buy a Diet Coke at CVS.

I plan to use this forum as a means of exploring the things that interest, challenge, and inspire me, which could range from politics to fashion, my career, my boyfriend… who knows. I do hope that at some point something I say might change someone’s perspective, because I truly believe in order to live peacefully in our global community we must be able to understand and empathize with others.

And Aversion to Purple refers to my inherent dislike for that color.